COVID-19 Pandemic Office Re-Opening

Edward A. Layne, MD, SCM, Medical Director

Roberto Springer, PA

Patricia Young, Office Manager

April 30, 2020

FROM:  Edward A. Layne MD, SCM/ Roberto Springer PA and the Gastro staff


We hope that you and your family are safe and doing well. By now, you know that a terrorist named “Covid-19” recently attacked the United States. The terrorist has already killed 60,000 Americans, and is killing more Americans every day! The “Covid-19” terrorist is still running around the United States trying to kill more people. The terrorist has wounded more than One Million people so far, and the authorities are desperately trying to stop him.

Unfortunately, this is NOT a scene from some horrible movie. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has just done exactly that to our country!

As we write this letter, this COVID-19 Pandemic has killed more than Sixty Thousand (60,000) Americans and has infected more than One Million. If you are reading this letter, it means that you have not been killed, although you may have been infected. Our priority now is to  protect your life and the lives of your loved ones during this Pandemic.

This COVID-19 Pandemic has dramatically changed we live, the way we work and the way we practice medicine. For the past 3 months we have continued to serve our patients using Telemedicine services. We plan to reopen our offices for patient visits on Friday June 1, 2020. When we reopen our offices, we must follow the safety guidelines of the Federal, State and local health authorities.

To ensure your safety and the safety of other patients and staff when we reopen, the following safety measures will be implemented.

1.       We strongly recommend that you get a free Covid 19 test now, even if you have no symptoms. Please call the office [404 681 0000] to find a testing center near your home or your work. Basic Covid-19 tests are free for US residents during this Pandemic.

2.       All patients must show evidence of a negative Covid-19 test to be seen in a Gastro office.

3.       Your Temperature will be taken prior to entering the office. If your temperature is normal and your Covid-19 test is negative, we will be happy to see you in the  office.

4.       If you have a fever or flu-like symptoms, we will not be able to examine you in the office. We will immediately send you to one of the nearby free Covid 19-test centers to get a free test. We will also suggest that you begin isolation measures at home until you get your Covid-19 test results – usually in 2 to 4 days.

5.       All patients and all staff members entering the Gastro offices must  wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth. You must continue to wear a mask and maintain social distancing (six feet separation) when possible while you are in the waiting/ check-out area.

6.       We suspect that very soon, you will not be able to enter certain offices in the Unites States if you cannot show evidence that you have had a negative Covid 19 test, and you will not be able to board a plane if you cannot show that you have had a negative Covid 19 test

7.       The waiting area will be restricted to 2 patients at any one time. If there more than 2 people in the waiting area, you will be required to wait in your car in the parking area until you are called.

8.       If you speak a language other than English or Spanish, 1 person will be allowed into the office with you to translate for you.

9.       When you are called into the office, sign in with the receptionist in the front waiting area. You will then be passed to the nurse.

10.   To decrease the chance of spreading Coronavirus infection, we strongly recommend that you use a disposable toilet seat cover before sitting on the toilet in the office bathroom. Please close the lid to the toilet bowl before flushing the toilet.

11.   You can also help prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds; rubbing both hands thoroughly with a 70% alcohol solution; wearing a facemask; and coughing/ sneezing into your sleeve, or into a clean tissue.

Thanks for your cooperation. These new changes will help to keep us all safe. With your cooperation, we will get through this together.

We have also posted a list of 40-plus common Questions and Answers on  Coronavirus (Covid-19) on our websites and We have also posted a list of the free Covid-19 Testing Centers with one Numbers. Please find the Testing Center nearest to your home or office.

Click HERE to read our common COVID-19 Questions and Answers

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