Instructions For Surgery


ALL surgical and imaging procedures must be pre-certified by the patient’s medical insurance company before the procedure can be scheduled at a hospital, Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) or Imaging center. Gastro staff are available to assist our patients with pre-certification (404 681-0000). Many of the outpatient surgical centers require you to “register” on-line on their “patient portal”, before you go to the surgical center to have your procedure performed. By providing your information on line, you make it easier for the surgical center to anticipate your needs. Please click on the surgical center below to be connected to their patient portal.

Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Registration links

Preparing for your Surgical procedure and your imaging studies

It is important for you to be well prepared for your endoscopic procedures and your imaging studies. Please discuss preparations for these studies with your doctor and nursing team and follow all directions carefully. Some general instructions are given below.

General guidelines for all procedures. Please check with your physician before making any changes to your medication regimen:

  • Discontinue Aspirin and Blood thinners 3 days before your procedure
  • Do not eat or drink food or liquids after midnight on the day before your procedure
  • You must be accompanied by an adult who can STAY with you throughout the procedure
  • Your first meal after the procedure should be a light meal such as soup, juice, or smoothie, unless your physician tells you otherwise
    • Preparing for your Colonoscopy ( Click here for Patient Forms )
    • Preparing for your EGD, ERCP, PEG Tube Placement or PEG tube removal
    • Preparing for your EUS
    • Preparing for you CAT Scan with contrast
    • Preparing for your MRI with contrast

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